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ON AIR NOW: Tsa Mabatooa

A Pathologist who performed a postmortem on the body of Mahlompho Matela on the 18th September 2021, Dr. Lefatle Phakoana, on Thursday told the court that the deceased died due to traumatic internal bleeding.


24 November 2023 | 11:32

At a camp for internally displaced people on the outskirts of Baidoa city in southwest Somalia, Halima Abdi, 57, walks through the flooded compound to access her makeshift house. It is partly submerged in the water, which had forced...

23 November 2023 | 08:29

Maseru, Nov.20-- A case in which four army members are charged with attempted murder of Former Editor of the Lesotho Times and Sunday Express newspapers Lloyd Mutungamiri, has been scheduled to proceed on January 08-10 2024...

23 November 2023 | 08:20

Maseru, Nov. 21 – The ban of poultry products from South Africa (SA) still stands but borders are open for the import of these products from other countries.

This was said by a member of the newly formed task force...

23 November 2023 | 07:28

Hundreds of Rohingya Muslims are turning up on the shores of Indonesia. Such arrivals are often the result of risky boat journeys as the persecuted Myanmar minorities try to flee poor living conditions.

Local officials in...

20 November 2023 | 13:44
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